Diversity and Inclusion – What it means to a new starter at work.

Discussing diversity and inclusion for the work place with practical coaching.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has been a significant issue for centuries. The good news is that we’re talking about it – seriously. An understanding is beginning to develop for those of us who haven’t or can’t see the barriers, to start to comprehend. And understanding leads to change. We’re looking for the best ideas of what works from everyone’s perspective. The facilitator will focus on the UK experience, but participants do not need to be in, or from the UK.

Learn the link between LEADERSHIP and DIVERSITY

No matter if you have started at work yet or not. If you missed out on any of these essentials, it won’t hurt to catch up.

Friendly, fun, facilitated by people who have made this transitions recently with advice offered by people with significant business experience.

This may just be the kick your career needs. Don’t miss it.

Due to the emotive nature of this topic, especially after recent events following the Euro football final, there will be a ZERO tolerance policy. The facilitator will eject any participant who does not put their question, concern or argument in a non-judgmental, constructive way.

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